Do I have to have sex or participate if I attend?

No, this is a safe space where you can feel free to take it as far are you are comfortable. If you would like to just observe or spend the evening dancing, that is perfectly fine.

How do I get into an Intimate party?

Fill out the application, if you are approved you will receive login information and will gain access to the all upcoming events and purchase tickets.

How should I communicate my interest if I want to get physical with someone during an intimate party?

Never assume you have consent. As a rule always ask before attempting to initiate physical contact whether they are actively playing or not and especially if they are mid-play.

What if someone rejects me?

Don't take it personally, everyone has their particular types - you may just not be their type! Best advice is to take it with grace and wish them a great night. There are always more fish in the sea.

Will the hosts be participating in sex play?

Our hosts are there to ensure that you have a fun and safe time. It is up to them to participate but they are usually busy making sure the party runs smoothly.

Why do you recommend applying as individuals instead of as a couple?

Many of our guests are polyamorous.                                                                                                                                                           We want to know you as a person giving you the freedom to come alone or as a couple.

Are drugs and alcohol available/allowed at the party?

Intimate has a zero drug tolerance policy. Alcohol is BYOB. We will label each person's liquor and provide mixers for your drinks. We reserve the right to cut anyone off if we feel they appear to be overly intoxicated. At the end of the night your alcohol is yours to take home.

How many people will attend the party?

The amount of participants varies with each event but it never exceeds 40 people.

What kind of people attend these parties?

INTIMATE's goal is to provide a safe, sexy, place for people new to the lifestyle. However, we welcome sexy veterans who can show the newbies the ropes.

What is the age range?

Age is just a number! Participants are usually in their mid 20s to late 30s.

Do you provide condoms, toys, lube?

Condoms are provided. However we highly suggest you bring your own lubricant and toys. We will provide wipes in the bathrooms for your convenience in the event that you want to use your toys with different people.

Is the party for straight people only?

Heavens no! How boring would that be? All persuasions are welcome. Please be sure to ask before you initiate any physical play with anyone.

Is it okay to just watch?

It's fun to watch, just don't be creepy. If you want to do more than casually watch, then you might want to find someone to participate with. Most players are quite comfortable with the voyeurism and find it a turn-on, however, hovering too closely and staring over a play session can make something sexy turn creepy.


We ask that all participants at INTIMATE be healthy, STD-free, use condoms or dams if desired and be mindful of their toys. The sheets will be freshly washed. If you are concerned with playing in an area that others have already used you are more than welcome to bring towels to lie down. We also have two bathrooms on the play floor with showers and towels.

What is the attire for an Intimate event?

We suggest you wear something that makes you feel strong and sexy, but no street clothes.

Do's and Don'ts?

-Have fun
-Loosen up
-Ask first
-Use your discretion to determine boundaries and the overall vibe of the room
-Communicate clearly with other participants

-Be creepy
-Force any physical contact or initiate without approval
-Act rude with guests-hosts-performers

Where do I change?

We have one bathroom on the ground floor and two bathrooms on the lower level that you are free to use to change your garments throughout the night.

Anything else I need to know?

We hope you enjoy the party! Remember as Intimate members (and as adults) you are responsible for your own behavior. This is a fun and safe sexual environment and conflict/violence will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to remove anyone who is not acting in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

We celebrate an enthusiastic consent, openness, kink, community, authenticity, exploration, contribution, all bodies, and orientations.

We do not tolerate: aggression, boundary pushing, non-consensual behavior, making others feel uncomfortable, judgment.

This is a place devoted to celebrating human connection in all its intimate forms. A place to uncover, discover, and explore parts of yourself. A place to challenge yourself to give and receive more than you ever imagined you could.


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